Mixed Flavor Pack paper cones #2 – 5 pack box


3 Reviews

  • Mixed terpene infused paper cones 5 pack box
  • 5 tubes per box containing one tube of each of our flavors (Gelato,Blue Dream, Purple Punch, Wedding Cake & GS Cookies)
  • 2 king-size quality cones per tube
  • A total of 10 paper cones per pack
  • This product does not contain cannabis. All terpenes are botanical and are not cannabis-derived.


If you are not sure which flavor suits you or just want to mix it up, experience each of our quality paper cones infused with all our favorite terpene flavors. The mixed flavor pack#2 delivers all the natural terpene goodness of our new rooster of flavors Blue Dream, Gelato, Purple Punch, Wedding Cake and GS Cookies in one box. Each ready to fill paper cone comes in an air tight glass tube guaranteed to deliver freshness.


3 reviews for Mixed Flavor Pack paper cones #2 – 5 pack box

  1. David

    The paper cones are a must-have for any smoker.

  2. Linda

    The paper cones are a game changer!

  3. Bernando

    The Mixed Flavor Pack paper cones are a flavor journey like no other! The variety in one pack is perfect for exploring different tastes.

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