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BUDMASTER is our Home Brand

We at Recon Inc Brazil, have combined our rich experience and ongoing research with our passion for the smoking culture to create a smooth and slow-burning smoking experience. We offer both flat and coned-shaped tobacco & nicotine-free, flavored rolling papers in ten unique aroma profiles: Gelato, Blue Dream, Wedding Cake, Purple Punch, GS Cookies, Super Lemon Haze, Mango Kush, Jack, Tangie & Skunk#1.

Costumer Reviews

“Keeping in mind our new customers, I’d like to recommend the Budmaster mixed flavor pack of king-size blunt wraps. This will get first-timers up to speed on several of our delicious terpene-infused flavors. Each pack includes Gelato, Blue Dream, GS Cookies, Purple Punch and Wedding Cake terpene-infused blunt wraps. You’re sure to find your favorite. Enjoy!”

“Our Budmaster Mango-Kush paper cones! This is a fantastic introduction to our high-quality terpenes based on a classic strain. They offer a delightful essence of Mango-Kush, providing a smooth and fruity smoking experience. If you appreciate a sweet, tropical flavor profile like I do, this should be your go to.”


“Gelato blunt wraps, hands down. These wraps are infused with the rich and creamy flavors of Gelato, making for a luxurious smoking session. The perfect mix of sweet and earthy notes that complement whatever you roll it with. Experience the smooth, indulgent taste of our Gelato blunt wraps.”


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