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BUDMASTER is our Home Brand. 


We at Recon Inc Brazil, have been researching and developing paper production technologies where we incorporate natural herbal leaves such as chamomile leaves, to create the ultimate smoking experience. Our team has passionately perfected Budmaster to create a smooth, slow-burning, and sensory engaging smoking experience.

It all starts with selecting natural herbal leaves that grow in the fertile South American lowlands of the Pampas in southern Brazil. Once selected by our team the leaves undergo a paper-making process to form a paper roll. The paper then goes through a terpene infusion process where all the distinctive aromas and flavors of our favorite botanically derived terpenes are infused into the rolling paper.

Every plant in the world contains unique components which are responsible for its special aroma and flavor. These special components are terpenes that help characterize the different plants we see around us every day.

Our dedicated team makes high-quality organic blunt wraps and paper cones by infusing a collection of our favorite botanically derived terpene flavors to enhance your smoking experience.

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