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The age-old practice of blunt rolling has several styles and varieties – probably one of the reasons it’s difficult for some people. It takes good lessons and some practice to roll a good blunt, one that will last long sessions.

Welcome to the smoky world of blunt rolling, we’ll show you how to roll a blunt, the perfect one.  Let’s go!

What You Need to Roll up the Perfect Blunt

You’ll need a few essential ingredients to roll and smoke blunts properly. It is best to have a dependable grinder because you will need to ground your herbs before rolling, and a rolling tray will help organize your work area.

The kind of rolling paper used is the most crucial component of a blunt, as the tobacco leaf wrap is what defines a blunt in the first place.

There are two ways to get wrapping papers for tobacco. The common thing to do is to buy an already rolled cigar, empty its contents and recycle it for your own use by stuffing it with herbs then rolling it again back up into a blunt.

The alternative to a pre-filled cigar is tobacco wrap that is sold as-is, typically all-natural.


Why Are Blunts Preferrable?

There are a few factors that make blunt smokers opt for this mode of smoking above others. They include:

  • Taste and smell: additional tastes and fragrances that come with the tobacco wrappings are relished by many blunt aficionados. Blunt smokers frequently enjoy combining wraps from various strains. Some of them enjoy exploring some flavored wrappers to further amplify the complexity of the flavor and aroma profiles they enjoy while smoking.
  • Burn Speed: Blunts burn a little bit longer than normal cigarettes, leaving their smokers with a feeling of slowly smoking a cigar.
  • Versatility: its versatility is unmatched by other options, less portable smoking techniques like a bong or dabbing. They’re simple to roll up anywhere, anytime, and they work equally well for both solo and group smoking.
  • Effects: Tobacco wrapper creates a novel, frequently amplified experience. In fact, it’s not uncommon for people smoking blunts for the first time to feel a little overwhelmed by its potent effects. But many fans of blunt are after this particular outcome.

How To Roll a Blunt

Here, we’ll show you eight steps to rolling a blunt;

Grind the Herbs

It’s a great idea to do a little prep before you begin rolling your blunt. Which includes having your herbs ready to use and already ground up.

Using a grinder is the finest method of grinding herb, as it ends up in a reliable grind which in turn produces a smoother burn. But, for when you’re without a grinder, carefully tear the buds into little, even pieces with your fingers or use a pair of tiny scissors.

Pick a Wrap

Try out a few different brands if you’ve never tried a blunt before. Perhaps you should try a flavored wrap. Have fun deciding which blunt wrap you prefer. Or, if you enjoy a few other brands, feel free to swap things up as needed to suit your mood. But a high-quality wrap will always ensure that you enjoy your session, trust BUDMASTER to help you out there.

Break it Down

Using a blade to cut a cigar wrap lengthwise down the middle is the cleanest and most accurate technique known to deconstruct it. You can also rip the wrapper apart with your hands, but be extremely careful to avoid completely breaking or cracking it. Just empty out and discard its contents after you’ve opened it.


Moisten it

It’s always a great idea to moisten the wrap slightly because doing so renders the wrap a bit more moldable and simpler to handle. For this, you can either use saliva or water. Some people use a paintbrush that has been wet with water, while some people choose to lick the blunt wrap. But avoid getting it completely wet if you don’t want it to fall apart. Just a little bit of moisture will make the wrap more manageable.

Pour in Your Herbs

One hand, usually your non-dominant hand, should be used to hold the wrap to get it in a U-shaped dip with your index and thumb fingers. You should now take a small amount of your ground herb and pour it inside the wrap in a line that extends the entire length of the wrap. But don’t overfill it, since you still need room to wrap the leaf around to completely close it.

Roll-up Time

Rock the wrap back and forth with both hands. You should be leveling and tamping down its contents in this motion – it will then shape it into a cylinder with consistent thickness. Once you’ve created the desired shape, fold one end of the wrap over and tuck it under the opposite side. Everything should now be covered up.

Seal it up

Using your tongue, dampen the edge of the wrap that is atop. Get it moist on the inside and press it against the other edge, it will then stick automatically.

Ensure that the blunt is completely sealed along the length of the seam just created then use the flames from a lighter to lock the seam in place.


Light one end, smoke the other, and enjoy!

Now that you’ve known how to roll a perfect blunt… remember; that practice still makes perfect!

But On the Flipside…

If you’re not interested in or just unavailable to roll yourself a blunt, then reach out to us we sell high-grade flavored blunt cones made with natural herbal leaves, infused with our favorite terpene flavors, and at great prices.

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