what is a blunt wrap?

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Blunts are a type of rolling paper made from herbal leaves that have had the tobacco removed from inside.
It is rolled using wraps, those wraps are usually made from tobacco, but our wraps/blunts are tobacco and nicotine free.

What is the advantage of using our blunt wrap?

  • Stronger Affect – According to the size of the blunt is much bigger than a regular rolling paper, it can contain much more herbals in one blunt, so the affection will be stronger and more noticeable.
  • Great to sharing – among the size of the blunt and the quantity of herbals that it can contain, it became one of the most common ways to smoke in a group.
  • More Discreet – it got the form of a rolling cigarette, so most of the people around you will tend to think that you are smoking a cigarette that fills in with tobacco.
  • Tobacco and nicotine free – Our Blunt cones contain only natural herbal leaves.
  • Slow burning – According to the size of the blunt, it lasts for much longer than a regular rolling paper.


Our blunt Products

Flavored flat Blunts
packs of 5 flat blunts with one of the following flavors – Mango Kush, Super Lemon Haze, Jack Herer, Tangie, Skunk.

5 Pack Blue Dream Flat Blunts

Pack of mixed flavored flat blunts
5 single bags per box containing one of each flavor, and 1 king-size quality flat wrap per bag.

25 pack of flavored flat blunts
25 single bags of flavored flat blunt per box. And one king-size quality flat wrap per bag.

5 pack of blunt cones
herbal blunts cones that are made with natural herbal leaves and infused with favorite terpene flavors.
each pack contains 5 tubes ready to use, 2 king-size quality cones per tube.

5 Pack Mixed Blunt Cones

12 Tubes – display box
The box includes 12 tubes that are made of blunts.
you can choose from 5 different types of flavors: Mango Kush, Super Lemon Haze, Jack Herer, Tangie or Skunk.

12 Tubes Jack Herer Paper Display Box

I want to pick the flavors!

Steps to rolling a blunt:

First – be sure that you have all the products that you need:

  1. Flat blunts
  2. Grinder
  3. Herbals

Next – put the herbals inside the grinder and grind it.
The grinder gives you the most consistent grind, while the result that you will get will be much smoother than the original form and easier to roll and smoke.

The next step is to pick the blunt with the flavor that you like, some people lick the blunt wrap while others prefer to use a paintbrush moistened with water. Whatever you do, don’t get it sopping wet — you don’t want the entire thing to disintegrate. Just moisten the wrap enough to make it easier to handle.

Now to the next part – place the herbals inside the wrap!
hold the blunt wrap in one hand, and position your index fingers and thumbs in such a way that form the wrap into a U-shaped trough.

Now – grab your grind herbals and put them inside the wrap, keep on a line that runs the full length of the wrap – don’t overfill it! you need to have some space to wrap completely into the form of a cone, and to make sure that it won’t fall apart while you smoke the blunt cones.

The next step – is using both hands gently rock the wrapping blunt back and forth.
This type of technique will shape your blunt wrap into a cone form, when you will get there – bring one edge of the wrap up and over with the herbals and tuck it underneath the opposite side of the wrap.

And… the final part – hold the edge of the wrap and use your tongue to dampen it.
Lick the inside of the wrap and then press it down on top of the other edge of the wrap.

Now- your blunt cone is ready to use!

You don’t have the time for that?
You can use the easy way!


"smoking is bad for your health,
it's raise the odds of heart problems and
cardiovascular diseases".

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