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Since we consider paper manufacturing an art, BUDMASTER has taken a step forward using our advanced technology, allowing us to produce papers from natural vegetation. Our in-house made wraps allow us to perfect the attributes of the paper to fit the need of the final product, such as our flat blunts cones. In addition, our technology and technique can enhance the given effects, smoothness of smoking, how slow they burn, and how easy it is to self-roll them.


Unlike our competitors, our blunt wraps are made of natural products like chamomile. They are infused with flavorful terpenes that offer an enhanced smoking experience with every single pack. BUDMASTER provides various options to ensure you get the most out of your experience.


Our dedicated team makes high-quality blunt wraps and paper cones by infusing a collection of our favorite botanically derived terpene flavors to enhance your smoking experience.


We offer a few different types of wraps at BUDMASTER. Unlike our competitors, our blunts are rolling papers for rolling herbs made of natural organic products, such as chamomile, mixed with other additives to maintain a cohesive and flexible product. As a result of our advanced technology, we can keep a high percentage of herbs in the end product and reduce the amount of cellulose. The low percentage of cellulose results in a very smooth smoking experience compared to other paper manufacturers forced to extend the cellulose percentage to maintain a cohesive product.


What Does it Mean When a Product is “Terpene Infused?”

The explanation is pretty simple; a terpene-infused wrap includes terpenes in its ingredient list. Terpenes are the aromatic compounds found in nature responsible for the smell and taste of plants and herbs.

Why Do We Infuse Our Products With Terpenes?

There are a couple of reasons why we at BUDMASTER have chosen to infuse our wraps with various terpene profiles. For starters, terpenes interact with us. Every terpene encountered in nature can have a different effect on you. For example, have you ever noticed how relaxing lavender is? Or how do citrus scents help elevate your mood? That is all because of terpenes!


For example, the terpene linalool is found abundantly in lavender. Linalool is known for its sedative properties, so you can expect a more relaxing effect when you use products with linalool. Limonene, another terpene, is found in citrus fruits. This terpene has anti-stress properties and can even uplift one’s mood.


Secondly, they enhance the flavor. In addition to the smell, terpenes help create the taste you experience while using our products. By choosing BUDMASTER wraps, you are improving your overall experience in more ways than one.

Our Amazing New Flavors

We pride ourselves on developing new and exciting flavor options for our customers. Our latest flavor options are:

Wedding Cake

This profile is rich with tangy sweet, earthy, and fruity aromatic essence and a spicy sourness that complements the earthy tones in its aroma. Its primary terpenes are Myrcene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Linalool, Limonene, and Humulene. Wedding Cake is an excellent choice if you want relaxing and euphoric effects that calm the body and mind.

Purple Punch

Purple Punch carries a dominant deep grape aroma with sweet earthy notes. You can find large amounts of Myrcene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Pinene, Ocimene, and Humulene in this profile. Purple Punch’s effects may help manage nausea, stress, minor body aches, and sleeplessness.


Gelato has a sweet and earthy aroma alongside hints of lavender and pine. Its most prominent terpenes are beta-caryophyllene, d-limonene, alpha-humulene, alpha-pinene, and beta-myrcene. This profile is super relaxing and works best at night before going to bed.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream smells and tastes like sweet berries. It has high amounts of terpenes, myrcene, pinene, and caryophyllene. People often use this terpene profile to help manage depression, chronic pain, and nausea symptoms.

GS Cookies

GS Cookies is known for its intense, dessert-like aroma and flavor profile featuring mint, sweet cherry, and lemon notes. Its most abundant terpenes are caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene. This popular blend is known for leaving you with an uplifted mood, decreased stress, and sometimes a stronger appetite.

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