Herbal blunt cones made with natural chamomile-blend paper and infused with high-quality terpenes.

Elevate your next session with our easy-to-roll blunt wraps. Experience the next level of terpenes.

Budmaster paper cones have been meticulously developed to burn great every time. Experience the difference.

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Budmaster our signature line of premium-quality blunts and papers.

Budmaster is a testament to our rich heritage, combining cutting-edge research and development and a deep-seated passion for the culture and tradition of smoking.

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“Keeping in mind our new customers, I’d like to recommend the Budmaster mixed flavor pack of king-size blunt wraps. This will get first-timers up to speed on several of our delicious terpene-infused flavors. Each pack includes Gelato, Blue Dream, GS Cookies, Purple Punch and Wedding Cake terpene-infused blunt wraps. You’re sure to find your favorite. Enjoy!”


“Our Budmaster Mango-Kush paper cones! This is a fantastic introduction to our high-quality terpenes based on a classic strain. They offer a delightful essence of Mango-Kush, providing a smooth and fruity smoking experience. If you appreciate a sweet, tropical flavor profile like I do, this should be your go to.”


“Gelato blunt wraps, hands down. These wraps are infused with the rich and creamy flavors of Gelato, making for a luxurious smoking session. The perfect mix of sweet and earthy notes that complement whatever you roll it with. Experience the smooth, indulgent taste of our Gelato blunt wraps.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Blunt wraps are a popular choice for individuals who enjoy smoking herbal products. Unlike traditional rolling papers, Budmaster herbal blunt wraps are made from natural chamomile leaves, providing a unique and aromatic smoking experience. These wraps are carefully crafted to offer a smooth and flavorful alternative to tobacco-based options. Ideal for those seeking a tobacco-free and all-natural smoking option, herbal blunt wraps provide a refreshing alternative. Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or exploring new options, these wraps offer a delightful way to savor your favorite herbs.

Budmaster herbal blunt wraps are high-quality king-size (110 mm) chamomile-based paper which means they have a familiar size and work with common rolling machines. Depending on filling style and preference, our herbal wraps generally hold between 1 gram to 2 grams of plant matter.

Budmaster blunt wraps is made primarily out of high-quality and natural chamomile leaves. These leaves are blended with select additives to maintain a cohesive and flexible product. As a result of our unique blend and manufacturing process, our wraps keep a high percentage of herbs in the end product and reduce the amount of cellulose. The low percentage of cellulose results in a very smooth smoking experience compared to other paper manufacturers forced to extend the cellulose percentage to maintain a cohesive product. In plan language: Budmaster wraps are easy to roll and enjoy.

No, Budmaster blunts do not contain tobacco or nicotine. In fact, all Budmaster products are nicotine-free and tobacco-free.

Budmaster blunt wraps elevate your smoking experience by making it easy to roll and seal. Each blunt wrap is crafted to provide a slow burning and long lasting session. Gone are the old days of having to break down blunts, covering your lap in blunt tobacco. Consistency is ensured by an advanced manufacturing process which works to ensure an even, long-lasting burn. The high-quality chamomile paper, king size, and delicious terpenes mean your dry herb will only be elevated, never detracted from. 

The Budmaster Budtenders, via the use of high-quality, natural terpenes have thoughtfully curated a range of flavors that smokers love. This includes: Blue Dream, Gelato, Jack, Mango Kush, Super Lemon Haze, Tangie, Skunk#1, Purple Punch, Wedding Cake and GS Cookies. Shop online at Budmaster for your favorite terpene-infused blunt cone flavor or try a variety pack. 

Budmaster blunt wraps bring a luxurious, premium experience to smoking. They are available online or at select retailers. Make sure to ask for Budmaster by name and accept no imitations. Enjoy! 

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