5 Pack Blue Dream Paper Cones

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  • Blue Dream terpene infused paper cones 5 pack box
  • 5 tubes per box
  • 2 king-size quality paper cones per tube
  • A total of 10 paper cones per pack
  • This product does not contain cannabis. All terpenes are botanical and are not cannabis-derived.

Experience Budmaster’s quality paper cones, infused with the natural terpene flavor of Blue Dream. Capture the sweet blueberry essence of Blue Dream with a slow burning, long-lasting smoking experience. Each ready to fill paper cone comes in an air tight glass tube guaranteed to deliver freshness.

2 reviews for 5 Pack Blue Dream Paper Cones

  1. Christina

    The Blue Dream paper cones are a must-try for any smoker looking for a fruity and floral experience.

  2. Kyle

    The Blue Dream paper cones were a truly unique smoking experience. The terpene infusion added a nice fruity and floral flavor that I’ve never tasted before.

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BUDMASTER is our Home Brand

We at Recon Inc Brazil, have combined our rich experience and ongoing research with our passion for the smoking culture to create a smooth and slow-burning smoking experience. We offer both flat and coned-shaped tobacco & nicotine-free, flavored rolling papers in ten unique aroma profiles: Gelato, Blue Dream, Wedding Cake, Purple Punch, GS Cookies, Super Lemon Haze, Mango Kush, Jack, Tangie & Skunk#1.

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